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0416arttherapykidThe benefits and healing properties of art are limitless, and so are the ways to create therapeutic art for each and every person’s needs. Diana has a strong lifetime passion for creating such art each day and guiding others to create their very own therapeutic art. Art is therapy. Diana Shabtai, Psy.D., ATR-BC. is a Board Certified Clinical Art Therapist with a Doctorate Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. Diana obtained a BA degree at Chapman University in Orange, CA, a MA in Clinical Art Therapy from Long Island University, NY, & another MA & PsyD in MFT at the California School of Professional Psychology. Diana has been a self-taught artist since she was a baby, and art always felt like a positive, healthy, meditative and therapeutic release for her. Creating art is such a fantastic, healthy way to express thoughts and feelings, and this inspired her to help others do the same.  Diana runs art services at her cozy art studio (Art Therapy O.C.). She truly loves working with children and also teaches art at many schools. Diana is a frequent volunteer art instructor for adults dealing with Dementia & Alzheimer’s. Art, along with music and play therapies, have proven to help so many individuals. She has seen this first-hand—since 2002—with youth, adults, families, groups and various populations within the mental health field. Diana is a passionate advocate for the importance, growth and awareness of the therapeutic arts. She enjoys exposing graduate students to the many opportunities within the art therapy field. She is also passionate about the vital importance of implementing art therapy into school curricula, as well as incorporating it into in therapy sessions with clients. Diana brings further awareness to this cause with lectures and the many workshops she leads at different universities.

To book a session or workshop, visit www.arttherapyoc.com or email diana@arttherapyoc.com.


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