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0115dancersAte9, called “one of Los Angeles’ hottest cultural commodities” will perform the world premiere of Queen George, on Saturday, January 17th from 7:30 – 10:00 p.m. at the Santora Building (207 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA). Up and coming choreographer and Batsheva Dance Company alum, Danielle Agami, has collaborated with Israeli designer and carpenter, Amir Raveh, with a visual art component by Avi Roth who will exhibit his abstract expressionist artwork.

Queen George will feature Ate9 dancers performing duets throughout the gallery, rotating every half hour, while private rooms will feature a one-on-one dance performance. In this highly-curated exhibition space, Raveh’s colorful  furnishings, which incorporate workshop leftovers and remnants to create a patchwork of old and new, will serve as the backdrop for the dancers. Ate9’s distinctive style of contemporary dance, which delicately balances explosive physicality and expressive movements, combined with the eclectic design pieces, will create a collage of movement, color and shapes.

I recently spoke with Ms. Agami to ask her a few questions about her exciting new show and what led her to this moment in her career.


What inspired you to start your own dance company? I love choreography. I love making movement – visions need movement. There are so many dancers who deserve to dance and entertain and be on stage. I wanted to give them a platform and stage for the opportunity to dance.

Why did you choose Los Angeles, not Israel where you originally started? I left Israel three days after making the decision to leave the Batsheva Dance Company (Israel’s most prestigious and critically-acclaimed contemporary dance company) I knew if I stayed in Israel I would go back and do what was comfortable – I needed to put a sea between Batsheva and me. I take a challenge and face it head on! The reason I chose Los Angeles, besides the weather, is because I felt that I could really be wild here!

What can the audience expect from your upcoming piece, Queen George? I want people to experience Dance as another form of art. No shiny dresses, or big lights, just movement, humility. The audience will be able to just zoom in, listen, and be sensitive to what they see. This piece focuses on home, relationships, people, men and women. We will dedicate the evening to intimacy.

What did Batsheva’s Artistic Director, Ohad Naharim, teach you and how has that shaped your own company? Ohad taught me to enjoy the moment – your past, memory and experience are all in your toolbox. That box may contain who you are but also leave you available and open to change. Fall in love with people not the process – then you are free to change and mold.


Tanya Schwied graduated from New York University, studied abroad in Israel, and currently works for the CEO and President of Jewish Federation & Family Services. 

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