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Banking on the Future

If you have children, one of the top five things on your mind is your child’s education. You worry not only about the lower level skills, but also about the path through lower, middle and high school, a great college, having an amazing career and a fantastic future with a spouse and children of their own. To make matters even more complex, you want to teach your children ethics, values and even Jewish history, texts and Hebrew.

In comparing Jewish day schools, public school, community schools and private secular schools, your choice may be evident. Studies show that graduates from Jewish day schools rank in the top percentiles in national standardized exams. A combination of a private education and Jewish study program provides children with upwards of nearly 10-15 hours per week of additional studies. In addition to studies in math, science, history & English, your child will explore Hebrew texts, learn an additional language, and learn ethics and organizational skills.

Every child will immediately have similar cultural connections, and yet every child will not only explore Jewish culture, but also embrace American values in celebrating Thanksgiving, Presidents Day, and Veteran’s Day, just to name a few. They will also be involved in community events, sports, and music or dance. The Hebrew Academy of Huntington Beach not only stands out for its superior education in this respect, but also offers these activities and more as part of the tuition.

After attending the Academy, graduates are more likely to celebrate Jewish holidays, join a synagogue, visit Israel, or work with Jewish organizations. Maya Bernstein, a Director of Education and Leadership wrote: “We have a responsibility to train children receiving a Jewish education to use their Jewish knowledge, understanding, tools, and perspectives to make an impact on the world, incorporating a highly developed system of interpersonal ethical attitudes to a fast-paced world of thousands of ‘friendships’ that often leaves people treacherously alone.” The Academy does not overlook this critical link between your child’s upbringing and their education.

The Hebrew Academy is the premier center for development and education offering the perfect balance of Judaism and secular studies, leadership and extracurricular activities which will launch your child to a great college and to an exceptional future.

Afford your child or a grandchild this opportunity of a lifetime. Contact admissions@hacds.org or call (714) 898-0051 for more information.  0716hebacadkid

Nelli Greenspan, M.A in Jewish Education and Jewish Studies Award recipient of The National Society of High School Scholars and Teachers Excellence and creativity Award from FL. Nelli has more than 20 years of teaching experience in Jewish Education and Jewish Camps.

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