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In her new book, Girl in the Mirror, Nina Dhillon boldly declares, “This book isn’t for girls who want to be cool.  It’s for girls who want to have a better life than their parents had.”  The book underscores that girls must make choices by thinking about consequences.

“There are numerous motivational, self-improvement and inspirational books for grown-ups, but I looked around and could not find any self-improvement books for young girls,” Dhillon explains.  “I have always thought about one thing: Why do we let our girls go on the wrong path and let them damage their lives?  Once they are messed up, then we start correcting them.  But by then they are frustrated, discouraged and have already become too stubborn to change.”

Dhillon’s purpose in writing this book is to reach girls while they are still innocent and more responsive to learning new ideas and techniques.  She suggests that they read this book not once but 20 to 30 times, so they resonate with the ideas that will help them shape their lives.  She also enjoys speaking to groups and schools about the book in order to engage girls and their parents personally.

According to Dhillon, peer pressure is the biggest factor in young girls’ lives.  They do things to please their peers instead of making the right choices.  Girl in the Mirror will give them the courage to love and take care of themselves instead of succumbing to pressure to please “everybody.”

Dhillon tells girls that they have options while they’re still young and they need to set goals very early in life. “While you’re young, the most important person you need to love is yourself,” she says.  In a gentle, but no-nonsense manner, she shows young girls how to be aware of their options and get on the right path “before the damage is done.”

She acknowledges that styles and methods of communication may change, but the desire for acceptance and popularity can lead young girls to make damaging decisions.  Instead, she advocates deciding on a positive direction, focusing on studies and developing positive energy and self-esteem.  Parents and children need to be a part of the process, and communication between them is vital.

Dhillon thinks that kids have been treated too much like kids and girls have been relegated to subordinate roles.  In order to change those dynamics, young girls have to focus on their goals and make some sacrifices.  For instance, Dhillon takes a strong stand against “harmful time wasters” – talking on the phone, texting, chatting on the Internet and dating, but she illustrates by example rather than preaching.

“I want to make a difference in the lives of girls and their parents,” Dhillon says.  “If I had received this kind of guidance, my life would have been less of a struggle and success would have come sooner and easier.”

The book is easy to read, replete with pictures and anecdotes.  It has an interactive format that allows readers to journal and set goals while absorbing Dhillon’s ideas.

“Every word in this book came straight from my heart,” Dhillon emphasizes.

Girl in the Mirror is available at BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com and through Ingram, an international book distributor.  The cost is $24.95 for hardcover, $19.95 for paperback and $12.99 for e-book.  Dhillon is also available to speak about the book at schools, Girl Scout troops, boys’ and girls’ clubs and other venues.

For more information on the book or to set up a speaking engagement, contact Nina Dhillon at (310) 409-8153 or (818) 314-2654, girlinthemirror7to16@yahoo.com or nina@ninadhillon.com or visit www.girlinthemirror.org.

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