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“Brain Game” Spotlight

1214animalwinnerkiddishThe objective is to be the first “animal” to reach land safely by getting a total score of EXACTLY 500 points by correctly answering questions about animals. Each question can be either level easy, medium or hard. You earn points to win depending on which level you chose. If a player goes over the 500 space, he loses his turn. The game is over when a player reaches EXACTLY the 500 point space.

In addition to learning interesting facts about animals, players will use math and strategy to win. For example, a player who is on the 400 space, and chooses to answer a medium question worth 75 points, can only end up on space 475, if he answers it correctly, but would have no chance to land on space 500, which is needed to win!

Game Contents:

← 10” X 20” game board

↑ 9 different animal playing pieces, and 9 plastic stands

→ 144 different animal question and facts divided into 3 categories:

• 48 EASY cards (worth 50 points)

• 48 MEDIUM cards (worth 75 points)

• 48 HARD cards (worth 100 points)

Animal Winner Family Board games also donates 10% for every purchase, in order to help children, seniors, animals, and the environment.

For more information please visit www.animalwinner.com.

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