Protection network security computer and safe your data concept, Businessman holding shield protect iconProving to be the “security superpower” to many countries and organizations in the world, Israel has established a longtime reputation for its ability to implement effective security solutions to counter cyber-attacks. Combating threats in every form imaginable from every direction, Israeli security companies have learned to adapt and develop effective methods and systems to deal with such unpredictable circumstances.

In recent years, the rise of technological advancements and developments has led to an increase in dependence on computers in the workforce. The world of information security, technology, and cyber have become the latest trend and concern among companies, businesses small and large, and private individuals. These days, our lives revolve around our mobile devices, computers, and tablets. Our most sensitive information necessary for everyday functioning is stored and easily accessible on these devices—e-mails, credit card numbers, transportation routes to and from work, personal pictures, bank statements, different shopping applications, texts and phone conversations we have on a daily basis.
As the cyber arena is filled with hackers that are trying to infringe our privacy—today, more than ever, it is important to not only have bodyguards to protect us, but also make sure we find the right systems or solutions when it comes to safeguarding our electronic devices. Bsecure, an Israeli security company, recognized this need and provides clients all over the U.S. with not only physical security, but also cybersecurity services to private customers and large companies. At the peak of its success, the company was responsible for securing President Donald Trump’s election campaign.
Born and raised in Giv’at Oz, Ronen Shlomo, the Founder of Bsecure, is the type of figure that Israel loves to embrace. After a year of military service, he enlisted in the “Duvdevan” unit—a counter-terrorism unit within the Israel Defense Forces—and was later hired to work in the General Security Service unit in the Security, Aviation and Ports Division. Throughout his experience, Ronen also dealt with personal security, and security for embassies and Jewish institutions around the world.
Ronen, to your knowledge, why do American clients prefer using Israeli security companies?
“Primarily because of our complex background and ability to persevere through adversity. As Israelis, we live and breathe security and understand the concept behind what makes it great—the ability to prevent an event or security failure before it occurs and not simply responding and ensuring safety as a risk arises. Prevention is a big part, if not, the most important aspect of providing exceptional security.
When I served in the Duvdevan unit, I learned to attack and surprise, and then I began to work in the field of security, where I learned to defend. With those combined experiences, I learned both sides of the security spectrum—I was exposed to other global security companies but quickly realized that Israelis are much more equipped to handle threats than any other place I‘ve experienced in the world.”
You included a cyber division to your company.
“Correct, today we are entering more into the field of cyber, information, and technological security because we live in a world where you can place a guard at the main entrance of your company, yet still have all invaluable personal information hacked through your computer or mobile device. In today’s complex world, an intruder doesn’t care about what you have in your store window or in the cash register—they’re more interested in reaching your protocols, personal documents, and bank accounts, and doing it all through a computer.”
What are five basic tips you can give our readers to ensure they maintain their privacy?
   “First off, be aware of what is going on around you—don‘t always assume that everything is fine and that nothing is happening.
In terms of technological devices, always make sure everything is up-to-date. Anti-virus is a must and every business owner must have a firewall.
Also, make sure to change your computer passwords once every two months and keep them challenging. For your own benefit, it’s best not to use the same password for all of your accounts and applications.
Fourth, stay away from using public Wifi at cafes and restaurants—it‘s not recommended.
Lastly, in terms of physical security, parents—check that the staff at your children‘s schools know what to do in the event of an emergency, and whether or not there are guards in the public places that you send your kids to—like basic security at social events, birthdays or parties.”
Credit:   translation from Hebrew By Yael Sasonov



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