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B’Tzalel Arts Festival


WE ARE STORYTELLERS. In each generation, we turn to the stories of those who came before to help us find meaning, purpose and connection. We share our story through a tapestry of song, poetry and narrative, leaving behind for future generations the roots of our people.

In the book of Exodus, our ancestors find themselves wandering in the wilderness after they are freed from slavery in Egypt. Filled with fear and uncertainty about the journey ahead as they make their way to the promised land, they must work together to create a sacred community with G-d at its center. Through the building of the mishkan (the ark of the covenant), people began to come together. It was one man, however, who was gifted by G-d with great artistic abilities, who would guide and inspire others in this task. B’tzalel was the greatest craftsman of his time, skilled in work with wood, textiles, and precious metals and stones.  Perhaps his finest contributions came through the training of his apprentices. Through his wisdom and knowledge, he brought out the best in others to create a place where G-d would dwell.  This is where the creation of our sacred community truly begins.

Through art and creativity, we are each able to find the deepest and most authentic expression of who we are. The Divine resides in this space within. Many of us are not aware of our creative potential and choose to leave anything deemed artistic, up to others. It is time to open ourselves up to our inner artist!

Temple Beth El of South Orange County will be hosting its first-ever B’tzalel Arts Festival, where talented Jewish artists from the community will lead a series of arts workshops throughout the month of May, culminating with a Festival Showcase on June 4, from 4-7 PM. Workshops will be offered for both kids and adults. During the Festival Showcase, teachers and students will have an opportunity to share their creations with the greater community. The Festival Showcase will host a B’tzalel Art Walk, where pieces from our fine arts workshops will be featured. The performing arts stage will bring in special musical guests and will feature performances from our dance, theater, and music workshops. To sample goodies from our culinary arts workshops, come visit our B’tzalel Bistro!

It is our hope that throughout the B’tzalel Arts Festival, participants will create and strengthen relationships with other community members, through small group workshops. The B’tzalel Arts Festival gives us the incredible opportunity to build bridges in our community and create sacred connections between young and old. Through the festival, individuals and groups have a chance to discover their own creative talents and new connections to Judaism through the arts. For the unaffiliated among us, this is an opportunity to re-discover and re-engage with our local Jewish community. Amazing things can happen if we open ourselves to the possibilities!

Please visit our website for more information and to register for classes. www.tbesoc.org/BTZALEL.html.

Be sure to visit and “like” us on our B’tzalel Arts Festival page on Facebook and help us get the word out!


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