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Bubbe & Zayde’s Place

Shimon Cagan, Bonnie Curkin and Seth Curkin

25 Years and Growing

    I believe we all have many purposes in life. At various times our purpose changes. It has been fortunate for me that I have loved each profession from teaching children, to writing Synagogue Life (a local newspaper) to establishing Bubbe & Zayde’s Place. I was fortunate to attend Jewish Day School and have an extensive education. It is my belief we should remain humble, respectful, kind and empathetic, do mitzvoth and give Tzedekah. My mother, Anne, always said “No matter what your lot in life, build something on it.”
    I liken this to baseball. My granddaughter Kayla, a Senior at Yeshiva University, loves sports. This past year the ball hit her hard in the heart. She was hospitalized for the trauma. I wanted her to quit. She eventually began to play again, and was just named number one in her league. She took the ball and regrouped. She could have dodged it, struck out or could have done what she did—hit it with all her strength thus scoring for her team. We all have that ball thrown at us, what we do with it is up to us.

Mettia Cagan and Bonnie Curkin

     Twenty-five years ago someone threw a ball toward me. With the help of my sister Marcia and a few others I was able to catch it. It was not easy at the time. Being a single, Jewish female I had to jump through constant hoops, working hands on 24/7. There were continuous challenges from city, neighbors, state, families and residents. Psalm 27 in the Book of Tehillim says ‘If the Lord does not build a house, it’s builders labor upon it in vain.’ I have always believed G-d wanted Bubbe & Zayde’s Place to continue because it took some miracles to remain afloat.
    “We started with one large home which I turned over to become the Mandel House. I hope Bubbe & Zayde’s Place will be blessed for that generous gesture.
   “Over the years we purchased six homes all connected. The dream of a campus with walkways, fountains, Holocaust Memorial, rabbit sanctuary, bird aviary, fish tank, and many dogs became a reality. Two caregivers grew to over 30 employees. Suddenly there were daily visits from medical professionals in every field and an activity leader.

Seth Curkin with family Adella, Ahsher and Jenny.

  Unlike large assisted homes Bubbe & Zayde’s Place has continuity. Large assisted living frequently changes administrators and staff.  We have administrators of 25 years and staff of 17 years. Staff can also bring their own children to work as mush as they like. We are unique. Your parent becomes parent to a dedicated staff.
    Having a family run business is superior in many ways. Our family is invested in Bubbe & Zayde’s Place. It is our home.
    Bubbe & Zayde’s Place is filled with Jewish traditions, synagogue with a Torah, celebration of all Jewish holidays. Therecare services every Friday.
    A blessing for Bubbe & Zayde’s Place and me, is having my adult children working and carrying on the values that began 25 years ago.
    Shimon Cagan joined 12 years ago bringing with him years of Hatzalah experience, Chaplaincy and Jewish studies degrees, as well as an EMT certification. Seth Curkin left his law position as a criminal defense attorney in New York for over 14 years to join Bubbe & Zayde’s Place. He brings with him a vision of growth anticipated over the next years. Mettia Cagan has her MSW and is an advisor as well.

Bonnie Curkin, PhD holding Bubbe & Zayde place Torah with resident
Martin, his wife Miriam and volunteer of twenty years, Sara.

    Plans to expand into another area for our senior population are underway. Over the next years it is anticipated there will be a shortage of beds and physicians. Bubbe & Zayde’s Place will do its share to provide for our community.
    Bubbe & Zayde’s Place opened 25 years ago for the purpose of caring for our elderly in a small setting where attention is great for every person. Caregivers know each resident intimately and do their best to provide for them physically, emotionally and spiritually. We have helped hundreds of people who have been turned away from large facilities due to lack of funds, or the need for more care.
    This is a very difficult field to work in. One can never just go home at the end of the day. It follows you wherever you go. To care for, and sit with people who are dying, scared, have dementia, depression and Hospice Care takes a big chunk out of you. We sit and pray with them, hold hands, sing softly and then go home and cry.
    There is no place in Orange County like Bubbe & Zayde’s Place. Twenty-five years and growing.  

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