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April 2016

It’s All About the Children

What is a Sensorial Passover Experience?

Art Therapy

Diana Shabtai, brightening the O.C. one kid at a time.

The Importance of Community

Embrace your Judaism and you’re never alone.

Where Out is In

Art and science come together.

Kosher Dog

Meet April's Top Dawg!

Dayeinu—Is it Enough?

Counting our blessings and commitments.

Tea Light and Time

Moments to save and cherish forever.

Gluten-Free Gluttons for Punishment

Good luck suckahs!

A Fresh Look at the Wicked Child

What does Passover mean to you?

Dance Your Way Fit

Sweating it Out With Ilyse Baker

Knowledge for College

Congregation B’nai Israel holds empowering lecture series.

Entrepreneur and Advocate

Adam Milstein fights for fairness on college campuses.

Most Read

Art As Therapy

Bonding projects become Hanukkah tradition Hanukkah is all about the heroism of a few against many and their triumph. And the fact that the oil...

JLife Extra, Dec. 2, 2023

Jews, Christians and Hindus will hold a rally for Israel on Sunday, December 3, at 3 PM at the Huntington Beach Pier. Everyone is...

Orange County’s Jewish History- Shalom Temple of the Jewish Community Center of Orange County

A little bit of history about Orange County’s varied attempts at a permanent home for its Jewish community: First there was Temple B’nai Brith...

News & Jews – Southern California Holocaust Survivors Participate in Belated Rite of Passage

    On Sunday, Nov. 5, 59 Holocaust survivors participated in a B’nai Mitzvah, a rite of passage ceremony which was denied to them...