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July 2012

Girls’ Night

What happens when women get together?

The Real Issue

How do we get the biggest bang for our buck on campus?

Biting the Tisha B’Av Bullet

Holiday raises thought-provoking questions.

Monuments on History

What will be my legacy?

Reflections on Confirmation

Course of study and service are meaningful.

Investing in Israel

“Startup Nation” is making the world a better place.

Tricking the Eye

Laguna Beach’s Pageant of the Masters presents a stroke of genius in art, music and science.

The Joy of Oy

Hebrew University professor describes the essence of Yiddish.

Well-Defined Roles

Rabbinical transition at Temple Bat Yahm proceeds seamlessly.

Fun with a Purpose

FunWithChalk Street Painting Festival benefits budding artists and art education.

From Generation to Generation

TIES participants meet Holocaust survivors.

Simply Natural

Levana Kirschenbaum offers tips on healthy, home-cooked Jewish food.

Most Read

Jlife Extra- July

Tuesday, July 6 10:45 AM Temple Bat Yahm Zoom Session: Walking through the Streets of Israel Join Rabbi Gersh Zylberman and Mike Hollander for an exciting session:...

Chew on This

Chew on this: One of America’s most iconic gum brands was originally a Jewish-owned tobacco business.      In 1891, Morris Chigorinsky emigrated from...

What to Change?

Life in Israel is not just about voting for a new government every few months. In between we do stuff. Like play tennis. A...


In another “This-too-is-Israel-moment,” the war was over. We climbed out of bomb shelters and safe rooms and returned to shaky post-COVID-19 classrooms, cafes and...