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July 2013

Not Invincible

Let the memory of the five teens be for a blessing when getting behind the wheel.

Raising the Bar

Amazing Race offers amazing insights.


New moms need love too.

What? Me study?

Summer is a great time for learning.

Comparing Democracies

Israel’s commitment to democracy for its Arab minority is like America’s commitment to the separation of church and state – sort of.

Reaching Out

The Jewish future is in our hands.

Celebrating with a Splash

JCC Maccabi Games and ArtsFest energize community.

Hair Raising Event

TVT teens top Make-A-Wish Foundation donations.

The Afterparty

There is life after your B’nai Mitzvah.

What’s American about Apple Pie?

Classic dessert, like many “American” foods, has eclectic roots.

Minyan and More

Rabbi Tal Perez brings his many talents to Orange County.

Enter the Youngs

Dynamic rabbi/cantor duo will debut at two congregations near you.

Most Read

Jlife Extra- July

Tuesday, July 6 10:45 AM Temple Bat Yahm Zoom Session: Walking through the Streets of Israel Join Rabbi Gersh Zylberman and Mike Hollander for an exciting session:...

Chew on This

Chew on this: One of America’s most iconic gum brands was originally a Jewish-owned tobacco business.      In 1891, Morris Chigorinsky emigrated from...

What to Change?

Life in Israel is not just about voting for a new government every few months. In between we do stuff. Like play tennis. A...


In another “This-too-is-Israel-moment,” the war was over. We climbed out of bomb shelters and safe rooms and returned to shaky post-COVID-19 classrooms, cafes and...