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June 2012

Blessed to Be Jewish

Alan Dershowitz talks about complicated relationships.

Getting To Know You

How do we let go of our perceptions?

Freedom To Be

Try more Jewish activities this summer.

Sweet Singing?

Off-key performance gives way to worse.

The Real Story

Did you hear about those religious Jews?

The Smell of Cucumbers

There are pleasurable fringe benefits to living in Israel.

Shelach: When Majority Opinion Fails

Subconscious motivations led to “tall tales” of spies.

A Match That’s as Good as It Gets

Rabbi Stephen Einstein retires from Congregation B’nai Tzedek after 36 years.

Judaism & Health

A common sense approach to wellness is good for the body and good for the soul.

Putting Out Fires

Jerusalem’s chief fire commander has complicated, but cherished, job.

Luck and Jewish Food Classics

Food writer/TV personality Gail Simmons shares career highlights and recipes.

Something in Common

Max Goldsmith, age 10, gets to play for Elie Wiesel during his visit to Chapman.

Most Read

News n Jews

University that fired Jewish professor who reported antisemitic incidents violated his academic freedom, panel finds By Andrew Lapin, JTA      A university in Oregon that...

Summer Fun

I am a camp person through and through. Camp has always been my happy place. For a long time it was the only place I...

Life Lessons Under the Stars

Even though I haven’t technically been a camp counselor for a decade or so, the role has never fully left me. Camp counseloring is...

Orange County’s Jewish History- And the Silver Medal Goes To…

The Southern California Horticultural Society Exhibition was a short-lived affair (1878-1882), in which time a pavilion was built, five Horticultural Fairs were held, and...