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Kosher Dog


Linking Religion & Lincoln

Old legends inspire pride in our own heritage.

Emotional Intelligence

Yeshivat Noam Provides More than a Basic Education

Show Me the Money

An exclusive interview with Leigh Steinberg

Do Jews Really Run Hollywood?

The Jewish American Dream

Losing a Legend

Saying Farewell to Lauren Bacall

25 Years of Jewish Film

The Actualization of a Vision

Brotherhood of the Traveling Torah

Celebrating Your Bar Mitzvah at 83

Thanks for Giving

A Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunity to Perform a Mitzvah


Meet Liad Shoham, the “John Grisham” of Israel.

The Peel

Jewish Astrology

A Student & a Teacher

Getting to Know Joseph Telushkin

Most Read

Synergy in the Shtetl

When Jewish people moved to Orange County in the 20th century, they noticed that there were no Jewish neighborhoods. There were clusters of Jewish...

Fresh Orange Jews

According to the Jewish calendar, we are in the month of Adar and when Adar enters, joy increases! Why is Adar the month of...

Orange County’s Jewish History- The Orange County Doll Ladies

B’nai B’rith, now known as Jewish Women International (JWI), began the “Dolls for Democracy” program in 1956 in conjunction with the interfaith, interracial organization...

Remembering the Children of the Holocaust

When Pavel Friedmann, a young inmate at the Terezin Concentration Camp in 1942, wrote about the last butterfly he ever saw, he described a...