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November 2016

An Unknown Treasure

Jewish New Zealand

Larger Than Life

Celebrating the bravest of kids.

Autism Speaks

Making a difference every day.

The Magic of Music

Sharing the stories of our people.

Kosher Dog

Meet November's Top Dawg!

Museum of Memories

Recalling the Fight for Freedom

Pulling the Lever

Reflections on Western Democracy from the Middle East

Unpacking the Meaning of Value

Just what’s in the box?

Putting the Mock in Democracy

Capitol Steps Performs at the OC Jewish Arts Festival

“Never is Now”

The Anti-Defamation League Honorees Make a Difference

The Jewish Collaborative of O.C.

A glimpse into the future of a Jewish O.C.

Jewish Principles of Leadership

Torah lessons for today.

Most Read

JLife Extra- February Brings Purim and More

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has kept the members of the Jewish community glued to screens instead of being together physically, creative minds have...

Orange County’s Jewish History- Mother Housewife Teacher Spy

Marion Miller Neuberger (née Freed), born in 1920 in NYC and raised in Florida, had a typical mid 20th century Jewish upbringing. An only...

Kosher Dog

Nugget was adopted from Best Friends Animal Society two years ago when she was 1 1/2 years old. She is half mini-doxie and half...

Throwing Candy at the Computer

Midway through Lila Duke’s bat mitzvah ceremony, her family’s cat made an appearance.     Minnie’s interruption was one of many ways that Lila’s coming-of-age...