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October 2010

Election 2010

How does Judaism inspire voting and holding office?

Dance, Everyone, Dance

Yoni Carr is teaching beginner’s, intermediate, and advanced dance classes in Newport Beach.

Fine Dining

Tuscany Mediterranean Grill offers romantic evening or business lunch.

Bonding While Building Community

Solomon Society enables Jewish men of all ages to take personal responsibility for Jews in need.

Society Roundup

Elie Wiesel Appointed Distinguished Presidential Fellow at Chapman

Setting Our Priorities

Jewish education teaches us how to live.


Telling Our Stories, the Jewish Experience in Film and Books at the Merage JCC This Fall

On the Lighter Side

Son’s Jewish musical taste can be eclectic.

Small But Packed with Profound New Information

L.A.’s new museum of the Holocaust prepares for proud opening.

Kids Konnection

Members of the “sandwich generation” have to take care of themselves too.

Karen Green’s Kitchen

Classic Jewish Cooking, Safe for Gluten-Free Diets

Meeting the Goals of a Nation, Helping Yourself

JNF has one of the most successful Charitable Gift Annuity programs in the country.

Most Read

Jlife Extra- July

Tuesday, July 6 10:45 AM Temple Bat Yahm Zoom Session: Walking through the Streets of Israel Join Rabbi Gersh Zylberman and Mike Hollander for an exciting session:...

Chew on This

Chew on this: One of America’s most iconic gum brands was originally a Jewish-owned tobacco business.      In 1891, Morris Chigorinsky emigrated from...

What to Change?

Life in Israel is not just about voting for a new government every few months. In between we do stuff. Like play tennis. A...


In another “This-too-is-Israel-moment,” the war was over. We climbed out of bomb shelters and safe rooms and returned to shaky post-COVID-19 classrooms, cafes and...