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October 2014

Sightseeing Sirens, and Selfies

A Shell-shocked Summer Vacation to the Promised Land

Inquiries and Debacles

Questioning What We Have for a Better Tomorrow

House-swapping, Anyone?

Pesach in South Africa

Gracefully Misconstrued

The Process I Was Not Warned About

Dwelling Differently

The Power of Succot

Bridging the Gaps of Time

Day Care for Adult Community Members

The New Pulse of Senior Life

Fresh Experience for Today and Tomorrow

Honoring Our Fathers and Mothers

Heritage Pointe celebrates 25 years.

Turning the Tide

Caring for Our Aging Loved Ones

Round Two

Encore Careers After Retirement

A Phoenix Rising

The Rebuilding of Temple Beth Sholom


Fresh vegetables take center stage for Sukkot.

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