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Why be Jewish?

“Why Be Jewish?” With Purim having just passed by, that was definitely one of our top selling points. I dressed up in costume, was...

Jews and the Arts

It’s not all ritual art.

First Amendment & Civility on Campus

Challenges for the New UCI Chancellor

Leveling Out

The levels of acceptance for Jews in Israel and abroad.

Online News

Jewish Organizations Affiliate to Strengthen Economic and Social Policy Agenda

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JLIife Extra December 2020

Zooming as Usual Jewish organizations wrap up year By Ilene Schneider The last month of 2020 will continue with an assortment of remote programs for the Jewish...

Lighting the Way

If Mattathias were alive today, how would you define him? American-Jew, Greek-Assimilated Jew? Every year at Hanukkah, we celebrate the miracle of light. What...

Miracle of the Oil

A pervasive paranoia has swept through our health-conscious nation—alas, the fear of frying. If you want to enjoy Hanukkah, however, get over it! Although the...

Ready to Begin Again

Not all miracles in Jewish history get holidays unto themselves. What was so special about Hanukkah that it became something to celebrate every year?  ...