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Celebrate Israel

May is a month for a major celebration. I can almost taste the falafel and shawarma.
Israel is turning 66. From the pioneering days to the startup nation days, in spite of war and isolation, Israel has shown that moxie and determination, a few major miracles and a little help from its friends can make a small country strong and prosperous.
While some of Israel’s 66-year history has been punctuated by less-than-pleasant situations, the vibe is positive, and the spirit is unbridled. Israeli technology is in a huge growth mode, and Israelis are everywhere, helping in crises all over the world and doing other things to make the world a better place.
Think of Israel every time you use your computer or your cell phone. Think of it every time there is a rescue mission to some remote part of the world, because you know the Israelis will be the first responders. Whether the rest of the world acknowledges it or not, you know that lives will be saved because of Israelis. We celebrate that, plus all of the artistic and musical endeavors that Israelis bring to the world.
We have much to celebrate in the Orange County Jewish community, too. Here we stand on the shoulders of so many people who have remained active in both philanthropic and paid positions. Some are and always have been driving forces behind the Israel Expo, which takes place on May 18 from 1 to 6 p.m. in Irvine. That event brings it all together – a celebration of many things in one jam-packed day.
In this issue we salute the state of Israel and Orange County’s unique community event to showcase it. Having spent 12 wonderful days in Israel recently, I hope that everyone gets to do likewise. Whether it is a Birthright trip, a mission, a family vacation or a business trip, a journey to Israel is life-changing at any age. Being in Israel is a chance to relive your history, watch the desert bloom, enjoy unique cuisine and witness the exciting development of technology. It is the best place in the world to celebrate Judaism and celebrate life.
If this is not your year to visit Israel (or even if it is), we hope that you will do the next best thing and join the entire Jewish community at the Israel Expo on May 18. It will be a great celebration for people of all ages.

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