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Celebrating Every Child’s Light

Empower Their Creativity

Candles burning, latkes frying, dreidels spinning—Hanukkah, the festival of lights, fills our hearts and homes with a radiant glow. But, it is far more than the menorah candles’ flame reflecting on our children’s wondrous faces that warms our hearts. It’s the light that glows from within.

Hanukkah is a time to recognize, celebrate and amplify the light that flickers inside us. As King Solomon writes in Proverbs, “The soul of man is G-d’s candle.” The miracle of Hanukkah that allowed a single day’s supply of oil to last eight days celebrates the limitless power of the individual, and this is especially true in young children.

When children craft their menorahs, they are empowered to express themselves creatively.

While making holiday sugar cookies, latkes or doughnuts, they’re smelling and tasting their labor. Candle-making workshops and olive presses that produce oil help our children discover that hard work creates something extraordinary.

Opportunities like these help children find their inner light and let it shine proudly.

Studies show that increased confidence in students leads to positive outcomes.

Beyond grades and test scores, confidence-building benefits students in so many ways. Confident children are less fearful and more resilient. They’re motivated to achieve goals, solve problems and challenge themselves. Studies also show that they have better relationships with their teachers and peers and a stronger sense of self, are empowered to become adults who succeed in life, care for others and contribute to a better world.

Every year on Hanukkah, Hebrew Academy students and families come together in the school’s value circle for the daily lighting of the Menorah. As we watch the candles flicker, we see the individual faces of each child, with a light in their eyes and hearts, confident and empowered, as living menorahs for today and for always.

Since 1969, Hebrew Academy has welcomed families from across the Jewish spectrum. We invite you to join us and share in our exceptional learning experience that honors our Jewish roots, nurtures our students’ unique talents, inspires innovation, and kindles the fire within every child to dream and achieve boldly.
    To learn more, visit HACDS.org/Discover. 

Rochel Popack is a contributing writer to Kiddish Magazine.


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