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Celebrating Orange County’s Jewish History

In this newspaper ad from October of 1932, Sam Hurwitz announces the opening of his new location at 110 E. 4th Street, and promises “SUITS WITH EXTRA PAIR OF TROUSERS… perfect fit guaranteed in every case, and oh what an advantage it is to have that extra pair of pants!”  Sam was one of the earliest pioneers of Orange County, arriving in Santa Ana in 1904.  He emigrated from Russia to work in his Uncle Morris’clothing store, and when the Nasatir family moved to Los Angeles in 1915, Sam took over the family business.  The store was later run by Sam’s son-in-law, Bernie Glasser, and remained in the family until the late 1980s.  Sam played an active role in Jewish Orange County, helping to organize the local United Welfare Fund in 1939, and is listed in Jewish publications going back to the 1920s as the leader of the Santa Ana Jewish community.  His descendents continue to live in Orange County.

Dalia Taft is the archivist of the Orange County Jewish Historical Society and highlights images from the archives every month. For more information, please visit www.jewishorangecounty.org/historical. You can also contact Dalia at historical@jfoc.org or at (949) 435-3484, ext. 296.

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