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Celebrating Orange County’s Jewish History

Though seemingly unaware of it, the Los Angeles Herald announced the Bar Mitzvah of Joseph Goldsmith, son of Orange County residents Simon and Emma Goldsmith. Advertising himself as “S. Goldsmith – the Shoe Man,” Simon was a respected citizen who had lived in Santa Ana since 1883.  He and his wife Emma, of the Harris family, were married in 1878, and Joseph was born on August 7, 1879.  According to the Tuesday, September 13, 1892 newspaper account, “A pleasant party was given Joseph Goldsmith last night at the residence of his parents.”  Being that the party was held on a Monday (one of the three days the Torah is read, the others being Thursday and Shabbat), all in attendance were local Jewish residents, and young Joseph had just turned 13, this was clearly a Bar Mitzvah celebration, and quite possibly Santa Ana’s first.

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