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Chabad rabbis serve their communities seven days a week.  And on the 8th day, they rock.

A Southern California-based band called 8th Day was formed by two brothers, Bentzi and Shmuel Marcus.  Growing up in a musical family and being the sons of Chabad emissaries Rabbi Yitzchak and Ita Marcus, they began to write and record their original compositions at an early age.

The real action started in a small theater in Los Alamitos when Shmuel, now a young rabbi, and his brother Bentzi did a benefit show for the rabbi’s Hebrew High school.  What happened next?  Lincoln Center NYC, American Airlines Arena FL, Vancouver, USC, Brooklyn Jewish Center, CityWalk Universal Studios, CBS Studios, Studio City, KTLA Morning Show, Queens College, JFT Base, LA’s Car Museum, Burbank Blvd., San Mateo High School, Carlebach Shul NYC and Chabad National Telethon.

The rabbi and his brother went on tour under the name 8th Day, and the rest is history.  The band has played hundreds of shows across the globe, including in: Lincoln Center in New York, American Airlines Arena in Miami, Universal Studios Citywalk in Hollywood, Hong Kong, Montreal, South Carolina and many more.

The brothers released their first studio album, “Tracht Gut” (Yiddish phrase meaning “think positive”) in 2005 to much critical acclaim.  Their original sound with their heartfelt lyrics and vocal harmonies immediately resonated with Jewish music fans from all walks of life.  They went on to play hundreds of concerts all over the world as their songs played on the radio regularly in New York, Israel and on Jewish radio stations in Europe.  They went on to release another album, “Brooklyn” in 2007 and were featured on live television at The Chabad Telethon and on the KTLA 5 Morning News Show.

They recently released their third studio album, “Chasing Prophecy,” and played to a sold-out audience at The Lincoln Center in New York City.  The first song on “Chasing Prophecy” is a track titled “Ya’alili,” which features different Hebrew terms as spoken by Sephardi vs. Ashkenazi Jews.  The song was a major hit in Israel and America, as well as Australia, and the music video got over a half a million hits in a few months on YouTube.  According to Jewish Music Report (http://jewishmusicreport.com/2011/02/10/outoftownerss-8th-day-chasing-prophecy-review/), “this is an album that every Jewish music fan should buy and you will enjoy listening to it over and over.”

8th Day has toured with three-time Grammy nominee and Emmy Award-winning bassist Philip Bynoe.  Bynoe is best known for his work with virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai, Philip has played with the likes of Kevin Eubanks and “The Tonight Show Band,” Dorian Holley (of Michael Jackson), Slash (of “Velvet Revolver”), Charlie Farren, and “Ring of Fire” with Tony MacAlpine.

8th Day’s fresh and unique sound is complimented by the group’s catchy lyrics (mostly English with some Hebrew and Yiddish mixed in) and its spirited vocal harmonies.  The harmonies have a distinctive flavor, a modern appeal with plenty of wild color.

8th Day continues to bring its one-of-a-kind sound to audiences worldwide.  It has become one of the hottest acts in Jewish music.  The band has already begun writing and recording for the next album, which is due out in 2012.

For more information, visit www.my8thday.com.

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