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0515craftykiddishFor kids summer time is about fun and adventure. As parents we wrack our brains for ways to engage our kids creatively and meaningfully. Below are a few activities to enjoy with your kids while exploring Jewish traditions.

Tie-dye Challah Cover
Twist a 12”x12” white handkerchief in small bunches and tie rubber bands around the small twisted buns. Dip the twists into cups of different colored clothing dye. Allow the colors to bleed into each other and let the cloth dry overnight. When dry, open up the rubber bands and write “Shabbat Shalom” or “Challah” on the handkerchief with a permanent marker for a challah cover with symbolism.

Star of David Wind Chime
Using large popsicle sticks, glue together two triangles in the shape of a Jewish star, creatively painting or coloring the sticks. Bead six strings, adding bells and shells as you wish. Hang the strings from each point of the star. Lay the star flat (parallel to the ground) and hang outside as a beautiful wind chime.

Havdalah Candle
Take two Chanukah candles of different colors and put them in a bowl of hot water (bearable to the touch) for 30-45 seconds, or until the candles soften. Line up the bases of the candles and twist one candle around the other, smoothing the surfaces. When the candles begin to harden, put them back in the heated water to soften. Continue to twist the candles around each other until they meet wicks at the top.  _

Lisa Monette has worked with children for over 15 years, she is the Director of the Sheila and Eric Samson Family Early Childhood Center at the Merage JCC. Contact Lisa at lisam@jccoc.org.

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