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Analia Szyszlican has always had an inclination toward the arts, painting, décor, and cooking. She is an immigrant from Argentina, a Spanish-English translator by profession.

Almost 4 years ago, while Szyszlican was trying to find a Jewish group, temple, “somewhere where I could feel at home,” she found Chabad of Mission Viejo.  There, she said, her “kids were embraced with love, and I volunteered several times to cook Shabbat meals for people in the community who were suffering some kind of distress or illness.”

Soon after that, the synagogue offered Szyszlican, whose company is called K-Kosher Catering, the chance to prepare the Kiddush every week, then dinners for the teens, for the leaders during camp time, and Shabbat dinners for the community. Subsequently, she was preparing meals for Rosh Hashanah and other holidays. In March 2008 she started the first Kosher Cafe at Chabad of Mission Viejo.

“I was thrilled to be able to give back to this community all the love, care, and sense of belonging through my creative cooking,” Szyszlican said.  “I can say now that every time I cater a party, I learn, more and more, and the relationships I create with the hosts are unbelievably beautiful and friendly.”

K-Kosher Catering prepares menus according to each family’s likes and dislikes. “Every party brings about the satisfaction of having a job well done, everything taken care of, everyone taken into account,” according to Szyszlican.  “As a good Yiddishe Mama, it makes me happy when I see someone enjoying the food I prepare with joy and love.”

Leslie Anvari, who has hired K-Kosher Catering several times, said, “Analia makes the best empanadas in town. She is a highly motivated caterer who finds the right foods for your planned budget. She dazzles you with the colors and arrangements. A can’t miss for anyone’s party.”

According to Leora Lazarus, “Analia catered my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. and the food was amazing. She is very easy to work with and was very willing to accommodate my needs. Having Analia catering my function made the whole process much less stressful for me. She was very informed on the in’s and out’s and gave me constructive advice through out the process. I would not hesitate to work with Analia again.”

As for Szyszlican, she is both humbled and overjoyed with the response.  She said, “I know that I have a long way to go, much to learn, and I also know that God has given me this talent that I did not think of before, or take into consideration as a gift. This is a real blessing, which I aim to develop more and more.  I am grateful to Rabbi Zalman and Bassie Marcus, who encouraged me and helped me walk this new path. They are a great inspiration.”

Contact K-Kosher Catering at kkoshercatering@gmail.com or (949)292-9906.

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