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What’s stopping you from taking the trip of your dreams?  Whether your issue is a disability, a language barrier or a need for kosher food, Assistourist is here to help, providing “a la carte travel with personal concierge services,” according to its founder.

Cathy Moha, the CEO and founder of the Orange County company, is a former nurse and passionate traveler who has assembled a team ready to meet those needs and more, so that travelers can experience the local flavor of a trip while having all of their special issues resolved.  An accomplished professional with diverse experience in the nursing and medical field including teaching, nursing, science, medical translation and medical French to English thesis editing, the French native excelled at the university in language and civilization of the English-speaking world with a major in English linguistics applied to medical discourse.

What is Assistourist? Assistourist designs and customizes trips with linguistic assistance, as well as full assistance on the basis of specialized a la carte services.  The company has targeted its locations according to specific potential interests and possibilities for travelers to discover the original aspects of a destination, even if the travelers have a physical or other limitation.

In Europe, Assistourist is particularly involved in the south of France (Provence, French Riviera), but also in the Loire Valley and Paris.  In the Pacific zone, the company takes people to Polynesia and New Caledonia. In Asia, travelers are welcomed in Vietnam and Cambodia but also in China (kosher travel).  Assistourist’s team is also present in Israel.  In Latin America, there are destinations with kosher services: Brazil, Argentina and Patagonia.  In North America, the company welcomes travelers in California and can arrange any trip in the USA with a private chauffeur and a private flight and crew.

How does Assistourist work? The company’s mission is to offer a la carte assistance on site with whatever a traveler needs during the trip.  This support is achieved by a bilingual onsite correspondent: travelers are welcomed, they get valuable advice and they explore the destination carefree under the best conditions.  Whether travelers experience a difficult health condition, whether they are healthy and athletic and want to sleep in the jungle or they simply want to stay in a high standard luxury hotel or rent a villa on a golf course, they receive a unique traveling experience, tailored for them with customized pampering and assistance.

How do you operate? Assistourist visits clients at their home or office by appointment.  They describe their wishes, expectations and desires.  Their special trip is built, and they review it several days later in a brochure.  It is all personalized to meet their expectations.  Nothing is pre-packaged.  The trip can be customized for all ages.  Clients travel with the services of a personal concierge.  Linguistic assistance is available in Chinese Szechuan, English, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Assistourist is client-centric.  Every client is an individual, and the team’s commitment is total.  With a personalized degree of empathy, Assistourist is capable of understanding the concerns of the traveler and gives appropriate advice for him or her to travel stress free.  Wherever in the world, whatever the tour, the team is reliable, trustworthy and competent.  Travelers are aware of the company’s commitment and comfortable in the presence of the travel correspondents.  Assistourist works on the basis of loyalty to its clients for the benefit of a reciprocal relationship.

Assistourist is divided into two branches: AssisTravel™ and AssisTour™.  AssisTravel™ offers all the services of a travel agency – top-tier a la carte tours with personal concierge services.  There are four niches for groups or individuals: travel for people with special needs, golf travel, business travel and kosher travel.

Can you arrange for additional services? Assistourist can arrange for any additional services provided  Assistourist’s schedule can plan them according to the traveler’s arrival and departure date.

Can you make arrangements for disabled travelers?  Arrangements for disabled travelers can be made depending on the different services Assistourist’s customers demand.  These arrangements are obviously subject to on-site accommodations, places to visit and means of transportation.  While Assistourist cannot be responsible for any accident because of the disability of a given traveler, the company has personnel familiar with getting help for people with medical issues.

Is there a refund in the event of a cancellation?  It depends on the fees already paid for bookings.  Those that cannot be refunded by third party will not be refunded by Assistourist to clients.  In case of cancellation, delays, lost luggage, accident or sickness, Assistourist recommends that travelers purchase trip cancellation insurance before the departure.  The insurance will protect travelers before and during trips to Europe.  Travelers should also check their home owner or renter liability insurance to make sure they are covered while staying in a property abroad.

For more information, contact Assistourist at (949) 887-2576, (800) 272-0379 or assistourist@gmail.com.

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