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Divine Intervention

Something happened this week that was incredible and unbelievable.  I’m still reeling from the shock.  If I didn’t already believe in God making things happen for a reason, I definitely would now.  I also think my father, who passed away almost 20 years ago, had something to do with this one.  When he died, he had a big insurance policy and a smaller $25,000 one.  The big one paid out, but the other was rejected, because my dad missed two payments when he was sick.  We tried to fight it but couldn’t collect.
Fast forward to last month.  My mom got a letter from the insurance company asking her to send in a certified copy of his death certificate and fill out a claim form.  She gave it to me to handle.  I called the company and said, “What is this?  My dad died almost 20 years ago.”  Someone explained there had been a class action lawsuit, and there was a settlement check for my mom.  I asked how much, but the person couldn’t tell me.  So I sent in the paperwork.  We had no idea how much this supposed settlement check would be for or even if it was for real.
Last Friday my mom received a check in the mail.  She told me it was for $57.  We laughed and said that it was “found money,” and she said she’d like to take us out to dinner with it.  Today I went to her apartment to go through her mail and paperwork, and the check was in the pile.  I opened it, expecting to see the amount of $57.  Well, my mom doesn’t see very well these days, and she misread the amount.  I was so shocked to see that the check was for $57,365.35!!!!!!!!
I couldn’t believe it.  I started screaming and running around the room.  They paid the whole policy amount, plus almost 20 years of interest.  I had to take a picture of it and text it to my sister to verify that I wasn’t hallucinating.  We have been trying desperately to reduce my mom’s expenses and rearrange her finances.  To say that she needs this money is an understatement.
Now she doesn’t have to move from the assisted living residence where she is really happy.  I am 100% convinced that God and my dad had a plan – she needed this money now more than she did 20 years ago.  They are looking out for us!!  It was truly a “gift from God” (and my dad!).  It was “beshert” (fated).
This is a reminder that we should “keep the faith” and believe in a power higher than us looking out for us, responding to our needs and making sure that things happen the way they should.  It’s a good reminder that living a life that involves spirituality and making time for prayer, repentance and charity is something that we should strive to do.  This is important, not only for ourselves, but for our children — talking about these ideas and immersing ourselves in a life where our children attend services and go to religious school where they have the opportunity to talk with teachers and peers. It will give them the foundation of spirituality and a belief in God.
On the High Holy Days, we say a prayer that repeats Cain Ye Hee Ratson, “Be it God’s will.”  We say this every year, but do we really think about what we are saying?  God’s will.  God makes things happen.  Things happen for a reason.  There is really no other way I can think of to explain my mom’s windfall of money at a time when she needed it the most.  I’m convinced… I’m definitely a believer!

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