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Edible Shabbat Candles

1 orange (or can of pineapple rings)
1 banana
2 red grapes (or strawberries or raspberries or cherries or cherry tomatoes)
1 red apple (if creating an edible match)
Peel and cut banana in half with a plastic knife
Wash and slice orange into 4 circles
Wash your red ‘flames’ of choice (grapes/cherries/raspberries/strawberries)
To assemble:
Place 2 circles of orange on a plate
(or 2 pineapple circles)
Stack orange rings so that a smaller one goes on top of the larger bottom circle
Place banana candles on top. Cut them shorter if the topple over.
Top with ‘flame’
To create a ‘match’, use a thin stick
of red apple.
Eat and enjoy.

Heidi Kahn, is the Pre-School Director at University Synagogue Pre-School. She has had over 30 years in field of Jewish Early Childhood Education. She brings her creativity, a sense of fun, sensitivity to food allergies and an opportunity for parents and children to bond in the kitchen while creating her recipes. For more information about the recipes, or the Pre-School, please contact Heidi at hkahn@universitysynagogue.org


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