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TVT Community Day School announced the launching of the Intensive Program (IP) to provide individualized educational support and resources for students with significant learning differences and challenges. Adding to the diversity of TVT’s student body, the IP program will launch in the 2017-18 academic year and will be available for up to eight students in grades 8th through 12th.

“TVT is a school that embraces plurality and diversity and we are inclusive in nature,” said Dr. Jeffrey Davis, Head of School.  “Children with significant learning challenges will have an opportunity to learn in a nurturing environment that is specifically modeled around their unique educational requirements.”
In lieu of taking core academic classes in traditional classrooms, IP students take courses in the IP classroom with a designated teacher who individually tailors course load and content to each student. Elective classes for the IP students such as music, dance, art, PE and sports may be taken with the general student body in the traditional TVT program.
“The Intensive Program has been a dream for years, as we have explored every possible educational opportunity available for our daughter.  Having a child with significant learning challenges means that we need to be advocates for her education and development, and we have found the same dedication from everyone involved at TVT,” said Scott Gladstone whose daughter will be one of the first students enrolled in IP.
The program aims to help students achieve their fullest academic potential and to prepare students for post-secondary education at a community college. Transcripts for students in the IP program will note that the student earned a Differential Standard Diploma from TVT.  Students will not be eligible to apply and transfer directly from TVT to a traditional four year college or university.
TVT is a TK-12 college preparatory education rooted in Jewish values with a dual curriculum and Advanced Institutes in Innovation and Jewish Studies.  TVT has been ranked as the best K-12 private school in Orange County, the best Jewish school in California and the best Jewish high school in California in the 2017 NICHE ranking for private schools. For more information on TVT, 5 Federation Way, Irvine, CA 92603, contact (949) 509-9500 or www.tarbut.com.

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