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Urban Arts OC a new uniquely creative multimedia space in Newport Beach is the vision of Lynne Kaplan, a South African Born artist and longtime art educator.

Lynne felt the need for a space that allowed the artist access to a variety of creative mediums all under one roof. She herself works in in so many different mediums, often integrating them together in one project.  Lynne started to study fused glass, and has taken workshops around the country, developing both her skills and her passion for the medium.  As a painter, she explains, “the patterns and the colors I paint are most often what inspires my glass.“
Lynne started creating really young, drawing and painting, learning to sew from her mother, Maureen, her greatest inspiration, a dress designer and artist in her own right.  Creating really young, drawing and painting Lynne made first crochet blanket for her grandparents at the age of 8.

Working with children is and has always been the most rewarding part of teaching.  Lynne believes a creative child is a happy confident child.  The social and cognitive aspects art offers are important.  Kids are so used to instant gratification.  Ipods and Ipads and aps are great, but they don’t replace the need to offer and encourage your child to explore their creativity in tactile 3D mediums.

Whether its painting, or drawing or sewing or even crocheting, hands that create are happy hands and hands that can heal. There is a strong therapeutic side to art. She herself is a breast cancer survivor and a huge advocate and believer in the healing powers of creativity.  Art relieves stress, builds confidence, and provides a healthy outlet for both kids and adults. It’s the only thing we can do that has no right or wrong! Art is art!

Urban Arts OC is a space that offers painting, ceramics, fused glass, creative workshops, art and wine nights, social event space, a place that people can meet, be inspire. For more information please visit www.urbanartsoc.com.

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