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Fun Family Fitness Games

What you need:
Musical Hoops
CD player
Index cards with exercises
on them and a pair of dice

Scatter hoops around the yard with index fitness cards inside the hoops. Kids move freely from one hoop to another and when the music stops, each child goes to a hoop and reads the fitness card. One kid rolls the dice. The addition of the two numbers from the dice indicates how many times you must perform the activity listed on the fitness card. Two sixes indicate you must perform twelve of that particular activity. Fitness cards can include jumping jacks, crunches, mountain climbers, sit-ups, push-ups, running in place, skipping in place and free choice.

What you need:
UNO Cards

Each child receives an UNO card. They are to perform an activity based on the card.

Red Cards = push ups
Yellow Cards = mountain climbers
Blue Cards = curl ups
Green Cards = bell jumps/
lateral jumps
Skip Card = skip one lap around the yard
Reverse Card = jog/walk one lap backward around yard
Draw two Cards = draw two cards from the regular UNO deck and perform the activities corresponds to the card color and number of the card
Wild Draw 4 Card = draw four cards from the UNO deck and do all four activities
So get out of the house and away from the T.V. By focusing more on fitness you are introducing many new ways to get in shape and add fun and laughs to your family’s life.   ✿

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