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Get this party started!

Bar and Bat Mitz vahs are a very special occasion in your child’s life and finding the “right” way to commemorate them can be a challenge. Your child spends so much time preparing for this special day you want to make sure you celebrate all their hard work. You’ve got the temple chosen, the venue for the party, the food, the soft drinks, the decorations, etc. etc. Now what do you do about the entertainment? Some parents really take it to the extreme and hire big name musical acts for their children’s Bar/Bat Mitz vahs, but most of us aren’t in a position—or even agree with—ponying up $50,000 for a one-hour private concert. So what do you do to make your child’s party a roaring success without breaking the bank?

A DJ can not only provide an excellent source of all the current hits, but also act as an MC at the event and keep the party animated and the energy level up! You want to make sure that you work closely with that DJ though to make sure they are playing music that is age-appropriate and also give your child an opportunity to provide input on what kind of music they would like to hear.
Another option is a good old fashioned play list from your child’s iPod. This gives you the ultimate control over what gets played and when. Just be sure that you have double checked the quality of the recordings and that you have someone on-hand that can act as an “emergency DJ.” Always have a back-up device because the unexpected always seems to occur when it matters most.

Hiring a photographer is an excellent way to commemorate the big event but there are other ways to add some fun to picture taking as well. One way is to hire a photo booth company. They can deliver an awesome photo booth to your party that gives your guests their own control over how and when they want to take their pictures.
You can also ask your photographer to set up a custom backdrop with fun props for your guests. You can even turn it into a red carpet/VIP type event at your Bar or Bat Mitz vah. This is a great way to make picture taking more of an event than a “task.”
Also, providing disposable cameras at each table is a great way to capture candid moments of the party and add an element of spontaneity that professional photography just can’t provide. Many party throwers find that the pictures their guests take end up being their favorites of the day.
On this special day, why not make sure you can look back and remember all those special moments!   ✿


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