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Groundbreaking at Congregation Shir Ha-Ma’lot

SHM_Rendering_2On September 30, 2016 at 7pm at Congregation Shir Ha-Ma’alot, in Irvine, the Reform Congregation will be holding Shabbat services and a groundbreaking ceremony for their new construction.

Rabbi Richard Steinberg, Senior Rabbi, said, “We are building a new campus for the next two generations of Orange County Jewish families. We are remodeling our current building into an educational center. Then, along Michelson Drive, we’re creating a new, dynamic, multi-use sanctuary, social hall and administration wing. When we bought this building in 1994 our congregation’s population was 250 families. Now, twenty-two years later, we top almost 650 families. We have outgrown our space. As the Torah teaches, G-d desires the Israelites to build a sanctuary so that G-d’s spirit may dwell within each person. That too is our hope—that whenever one walks into our campus their spirit will be lifted, their mood will brighten and their experience will be positive.”

The congregation will honor its donors (which at the time of this writing is solely from more than 75% of the congregation) at this groundbreaking on September 30th and will symbolically dig the first shovel into the ground. Cantor Arie Shikler, a mainstay of the congregation for more than forty years stated, “There is a special spirit at our temple and this new campus will only enhance what is already so good. Music will beat in each person’s heart as they join us for services, for meetings, for school and for community.”

Rabbi Leah Lewis, Rabbi and Director of Education and Lifelong Learning for more than five years at the synagogue said, “We have been sort of land locked and not able to do all the things we dream about. With our new educational center and expanded space, the possibilities will be endless. Our school, of more than 400 students including our bursting high school program on Tuesday nights, will engage in projects heretofore that have been impossible because of a lack of space. The sky is the limit now.”

Beth Carroll and Dr. Rachel Harman, co-presidents of our congregation explained that while the current temple facility will close down the day after Yom Kippur for construction, the temple will still be active and fully functional. They explained that Friday nights services will be held at the Mormon Center on Lake Street in Irvine, Sunday School will be at Tarbut v’Torah on Bonita Canyon in Irvine, Tuesday night school will be held at the Back Bay Club in Irvine (upstairs from Irvine Lanes) and several other locations for services and programs will be used as well. Anyone interested is free to call the office to obtain the year-long Catalogue of Programs and Services.

At the groundbreaking there will be the joy of Shabbat and the double joy of breaking ground with live music, champagne and a spirit filled with possibilities. The whole Orange County community is invited to join the synagogue for this event.

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