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Happily Ever After

0615storybookHow about a sweet little slice of “Happily Ever After” right in your own backyard? Well look no further, because Storybook Mini Gardens may have exactly what you’re looking for. Created by owner and designer, Naomi Stein, this company is spearheaded by Stein who not only single-handedly runs the company, but is also totally immersed in the creative process of making each garden.

That’s right, every garden is created by hand with lots of love. Stein has many years of experience as a crafter, scrapbooker, gardener, knitter and dollhouse lover and she brings many of those hobbies together in her work and attention to detail.

There are gardens for every occasion as well. You can order a Zen garden, a garden to celebrate birthdays, holidays or other special events and many more. Naomi is able to create just about anything your heart desires really. And not every garden needs to be watered. In fact, Naomi actually makes gardens with artificial plants as well as ones with ones that need a little TLC.

“I have people that are intimidated by the upkeep they think a Storybook Mini Garden might entail, but they are so easy to maintain really,” says Stein. “You actually only have to give them about 1-2 cups of water once a week and you only water the parts of the garden that have plants.”

And for people who still find that to be too much, “well we can just swap out the foliage for something that is artificial and needs no water at all,” says Stein. Easy peasy.You can also order mini gardens that are totally indoor as well. So whatever your hankering is, Stein can find a garden to suit your tastes.

Established in 2014, Storybook Mini Gardens is actually brand-spanking new and is navigating the growing pains of a new business quite adeptly. When family and friends began to compliment her creations, the idea to sell them began and the first show was during the winter holidays. Completely sold out before the new year, Naomi knew she had hit upon something and the company was established.

“I feel like I could make these mini gardens all day long,” says Stein. “It never feels like work when you enjoy doing something so much.”

So check out Storybook Mini Gardens for yourself and find the perfect fit for your home at storybookminigardens.com. If you don’t see something online right away you can contact Stein directly. She is more than happy to create a custom garden to meet your needs!

A Wedding Fairytale

Not only does Storybook Mini Gardens cover just about any theme you can think of, but they can also create a wonderful story that you can share with your guests. “One of the great things you can do is customize a Storybook Mini Garden for each table at a wedding reception,” says Stein. At each table, you can have a different and custom mini garden that represents a significant time or event in a couple’s life. Thus telling the story of “How They Met” and guests can go from table to table and see the couple’s very own “fairytale” unfold before their own eyes.


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