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High Holiday Activities


Create Rosh Hashanah cards for families and friends. You can include the words “L’shanah Tovah”—wishing them a “good year.”


  Make sugar cookies in the shape of people (use a gingerbread man cutter). Decorate the cookies with frosting and candy. As you do, discuss how you can be a good person using different body parts. For example: You can use your head to think before you act. You can use your feet to walk through the neighborhood and pick up trash. You can use your hands to make cards for people in hospitals. You can use your arms to give someone a hug. You can use your mouth to share ideas with each other about helping the world.


  Make a list of Rosh Hashanah resolutions. You could make a poster and decorate it–to check how you are doing throughout the year.


  Get the whole family together to build a sukkah in your backyard. They can make fruit-shaped decorations, paper chains, etc.


  Have a family meeting and discuss times when you may have said or done something that might have hurt one another’s feelings. Make some time to talk to your children in private; say you are sorry, tell them you will try to do a better job and ask them for their forgiveness. Then give them a big hug!


  Dance with your children at a Simchat Torah celebration. Many congregations unroll the entire Torah, and your kids might even get to touch it.

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