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In Honey….Dedicated to the Memory of My Maternal Grandmother

In Honey I find my inspiration and faith to get through these tough times.…
 And, in the end, she saw her children grow up, get married, have children and even great grandchildren. This was truly success and happiness.
    Shaken awake in the depths of night, dressed in many layers, chunks of food shoved into her pockets, a bag slung over her shoulder and her mother holding her hand, she walked through the cold night. She followed her older siblings, sleeping in caves or between trees for a few stolen hours during the daytime, drinking water from the streams they passed along the way. Walking, mile after mile, tired, bone weary, afraid because she sensed her mother’s fear, not knowing where she was going or what was coming, she eventually arrived at a dock. A harbor of some sort—a safe harbor? Boarding a boat, she was shoved into a corner among hundreds of other people, the bread in her pockets stale but she nibbled on it when she was hungry. Finally, she was able to sleep. Safety amid the rocking of the boat, to and fro. Watching others cry, huddle together, get sick, and still not understanding where they were going, or why they left home…
    From this uncertainty, this struggle, this knowing nothing other than belief and faith in those you love, your family, came light, struggle but hope, future, and happiness. Her descendants fulfilled their dreams. She began a life of love, success and happiness, all because of her belief and trust.  

SUE PENN has a Master’s Degree in Education and recently obtained a Certificate in Jewish Professional Leadership from Northwestern University and the Spertus Institute of Jewish Learning. Sue has been working at University Synagogue for 14 years. She lives in Irvine with her husband. They have three wonderful children. Sue is currently the Director of Membership and Congregational Learning where she oversees all membership, education, and congregant engagement from ages 6-106. Sue has been honored for being an innovative educator and is committed to creative approaches in Jewish Education. In fact, she has led national webinars guiding administrators and teachers in building innovative models of Jewish education. She also writes a monthly article for Jlife Magazine. Sue believes that every child needs to be challenged to reach his or her own potential priding herself in personalizing each student’s Religious education. She currently sits on the National Board of the Reconstructionist Educators of North America, is immediate past president of the Orange County Jewish Educator Association and has previously chaired the National Board of the Reconstructionist Educators of North America. Most recently, Sue was a participant in the Kaplan Center’s 21st Century Kaplanian Vision of Jewish Education.



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