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It’s about Friends

Barbra Streisand, actress, singer, director composer and philanthropist, said it best when being awarded an honorary doctor of philosophy degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem  on the Mount Scopus campus in June of this year, “I wish the world were more like the hallways of the Hebrew University.”
She would be happy to know that “60 percent of the student body at the University’s Faculty of Law are women.”  That statistic comes right from Professor Yuval Shany, Dean of the Faculty of Law, during a private luncheon in Indian Wells.
The professor was accompanied by Caron S. Berkley, director of the American Friends of the Hebrew University (AFHU), who represents Orange County, San Diego and the Deserts.  The topics discussed were Israel, human rights and international law.
When it comes right down to it, it’s about friends, and that’s why the American Friends of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem is depending upon current and future friends in the Coachella Valley for support.  Among guests joining Professor Shany were local attorneys Joel Johnson and Dale Gribow along with Robert F. Sylk, chairman of the Board of Concerned Citizens of La Quinta.
For the record, Professor Shany has been a research fellow at Harvard University and currently coordinates a research group studying the effectiveness of international adjudication and international criminal  law.  He reported that “the Hebrew University’s law school, the first in Israel, was established in 1949, and has consistently “produced leaders and top legal minds with an interdisciplinary approach.”
This year The Hebrew University’s Faculty of Law had 250 graduates.  Like those who preceded this class, graduates will find themselves members of a distinguished alumni organization.  The tradition of leadership is reflected by graduates such as Supreme Court Justices, Dorit Beinish, Eliezer Rivlin and Mischel Chesin.  Supporting this goal  are the Faculty of Law journals in Hebrew and English such as the Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies in English published by the Oxford University Press.
The Faculty of Law goes beyond in providing “relief to societies having suffered from widespread human rights violations” by offering “a trailblazing approach to higher education.”  It is the first academic program of its kind in Israel.  As societies (such as Rwanda and Ireland) move toward “sustainable conditions of democracy, peace and reconciliation,” Hebrew University’s Faculty of Law steps up to the plate by offering internships for law students introducing transitional justice concepts. Consider the Hebrew University,  with 23,000 students from  70 countries, having received seven Nobel prizes in one decade and one of the top- ranked institutions in the world a Friend worth  supporting.
Contact Caron  S. Berkley, director of American Friends of the Hebrew University, at Cberkley@afhu.org (949/407-6547) for the next desert event scheduled for November 4 in Rancho Mirage.


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