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Jlife Extra March 1, 2024

“Let Us Sing Unto God – A Deep Dive into Communal Song” is an adult education program at Shir Ha-Ma’a lot happening Sunday, March 3, at 10:30 AM. Rabbi Bryan Zive will examine the rich Jewish tradition of communal song.

To register, visit https://www.shmtemple.org/event/adult-education-let-us-sing-unto-god—a-deep-dive-into-communal-song.html

“ALI-An Insider’s Guide to the History of Eretz Yisrael with Rabbi Mike Moshe Mymon” will take place on Monday, March 4, at 9:30 AM, and Monday, March 11, at 9:30 AM. Using biblical, rabbinic and mystical texts, archeological findings, historical research and lived experience, Rabbi Mymon will offer a rich history of Israel as the birthplace of the Israelite people and Judaism. Session 1 is “From Avraham to Joshua” (Circa 1990-1250 BCE), and Session 2 is “The Davidic Kingdom and Israel’s Second Commonwealth (Circa 1020 BCE – 135 CE).”

To register, visit https://www.jewishcollaborativeoc.org/advanced-learning-institute.html

Shabbat NA’AMAT, on Friday, March 8, will recognize International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month and intentionally celebrate women who inspire us and those who need our support and attention. Join NA’AMAT and female rabbis from around the country as we virtually celebrate the “SHEroes” from our history and the present. NA’MAAT’s mission is to improve the lives of women, youth, and families in Israel.

To register, visit https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx?name=E152297&id=183

“I Loved Jew, I Loved Jew Not: Stories of Jewish Resilience Against the Tide of Antisemitism”

Sunday, March 3, 4- 5:30pm at the JCC.

Don’t miss this must see performance. Review by Dr. Kanofsky… “A very powerful, moving, and transformative performance.” The Merage JCC is proud to bring the performance of “I Loved Jew, I Loved Jew Not: Stories of Jewish Resilience Against the Tide of Antisemitism” by The Braid.

The Braid is the go-to Jewish story company and leading non-profit organization creating, curating, producing and preserving stories grounded in Jewish culture and experience. The Braid empowers artists and audiences to feel pride in Jewish culture while building community and connection between people of all backgrounds.

This production is gripping, urgent, and inspiring and the stories within this production echo the unbroken spirit of the Jewish people and their allies. Over a dozen contemporary writers, both Jews and friends of the community, come together to share true stories of facing antisemitism and finding the strength to stand against it. Register for your ticket here. https://www.jccoc.org/index.php?src=events&srctype=detail&refno=50241


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