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Just Do It!

Nike got a lot of us up, and running, with their slogan, “Just do it.” But looking at the state of our health and wellness in America, it seems, that slogan has gone by the wayside. Obesity, depression, diabetes, and other mental and physical health issues are at epidemic levels, and the cost of health care is rising. So, just what do we do?
Get out and exercise! Thirty minutes a day improves body and brain function. We eat better, sleep better, and have an overall better sense of well being. What makes us feel better? Part of it is hormonal. Those who have experienced the “runner’s high” or felt the surge of energy while working out to Richard Simmons, are experiencing the natural pain relieving hormone otherwise known as endorphins. Additionally, when we are taking care of our bodies, we are modeling healthy and positive behavior for our children.
A lot of people do not believe they have time for exercise. Make it a family occasion! Head out to one of Orange County’s beautiful hiking trails. Rated “easy” to “strenuous”, there are trails for everyone. Hop on the bicycles for a family ride instead of piling into the car (be sure everyone is wearing a helmet and can ride safely). Finally, take a yoga or Zumba class together, and step outside of your workout comfort zone!
After all, Moses walked and Miriam danced – let us all get out and do it!   ✿

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