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Kid’s Summer Survival Kit

0216campsurvivalkidWhether you have young children, or grandchildren, or nieces and nephews, this super easy project is definitely going to help you, and them, kick off the Summer right! This Kid’s Summer Survival Kit is packed full of fun activities to get the kiddos outdoors and even has a couple activities for those rainy days.

There are plenty of fun activities to choose from, but you don’t have to include everything, especially depending on the age of the child. Perhaps you can create a basket of activities based on your child’s favorite thing to do. Create a basket that focuses on that particular theme or activity and you’ll be the coolest cat in town.

First create your foundation/base with a great basket or catch all. One idea is to utilize plastic beach baskets that originally come with sand toys. (Walmart is a great place to find budget-friendly options). Get active by including props to get those young bodies moving. A jump rope is one way to promote good physical exercise. You’d be surprised just how much “mileage” you can get out of a simple stop watch as well. And don’t forget the band-aids! Despite all your “kid-proofing” efforts you know that they are bound to fall down and scrape a knee.

Sidewalk chalk and bubbles are always popular. They are good for both physical and mental activities (remember hopscotch)? And for those crafting cuties of yours there is a great product called Melty Beads. They are fun to make and also great for fine motor skills…shhh we won’t tell the kids they are learning at the same time. If the weather acts up, a coloring book and/or drawing tablet and crayons work great. They can be a alternative when they {or you} need a quiet moment as well. Rounding out the basket with a cool pair of sunglasses and a beach towel to lay on the ground.

There it is, super easy and filled with fun.

Kid’s Summer
Survival Kit

Beach Basket

Beach Towel


Jump Rope

Sidewalk Chalk

Coloring Book or Drawing Tablet


Melty Beads



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