Kosher Dog

1115kosherdogTeddy Bassman was “knighted and crowned” the summer of 2013 when his family hosted three teenagers from Great Britain for the JCC Maccabi Games and Artsfest. Teddy is a Coton De Tulear and in the 17th century his ancestors, from Madagascar, were called upon to be companions for royalty. We are so happy that “Sir Tedward” has finally gotten back to his roots and calling. After in-depth research, we have discovered that Teddy is the first Jewish dog to be knighted. Sir Tedward loves to go on long Balboa Island walks, paddle board, bark at big dogs, sing and boss his family around.  Sir Tedward and his family have remained very close to his British friends and their families and thank the OC Maccabi games for these very special relationships!

— The Bassman Family

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