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Kosher Dog

My name is “ Miss Sugar,“ but if you speak Brooklynese like my parents, it’s “Meshuga.“  I enjoy attending the Yiddish sing-alongs at our Shul and my photo is even featured in our latest Temple directory!
Among my favorite outfits are my pink lace Oscar night dress, my peacock-inspired tutu, my navy blue and white nautical sundress, my summer watermelon tank dress and my purple down parka.
I flirt with the Great Danes in the neighborhood, enjoy munching on grain-free treats and love dining out at OC’s finest dog-friendly joints. I love my daily ride in my very own car seat and enjoy stopping to smell the roses while walking my Mom four times a day. I also love giving my family lots of licks!
They tell me I’m such a sweet Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie)…sweet as Sugar!
— Raquelita Braver

Honorable Mention
Meet Scout, a 17-year-old Chihuahua from Laguna Niguel, whose favorite pastime in the OC is catching 40 winks (on the sofa, of course)! — Micki Nozaki


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