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This month’s winners are “Mr. Teddy Bear” and “Mooshy”! These cuties belong to Orange County’s Diana Shabtai. “Mr. Teddy Bear” is a 1-year-old Maltese and “Mooshy” is an American Eskimo. They were both born in New York, where Diana got them when they were 6 weeks old. They are both purebred boys. They are very sweet, loving and happy dogs and “Mr. Teddy Bear” is a certified therapy dog. They really love to play with each other, play with their toy balls and love people. Teddy loves to wear his many outfits and is a big Lakers fan. “Mooshy” knows how to shake hands and sunbathe. They are both very smart and like crunchy lettuce as their favorite snack.

Honorable Mention
Lee Netzer’s two kitties Peanut (rear) and Tammy lounge away in their Huntington Beach backyard.

Be our August winner! Our pets are definitely part of our families, and here at Kiddish magazine we want to know what your four-legged friends are up to. Please send a picture of your pooch to pics@mydogbowl.com and tell us what they love to do in our wonderful Orange County neighborhood (a picture at the location is even better). Pictures of kitties are welcome too! We’ll pick a winner each month, put their picture in the magazine and provide a wonderful treat for them courtesy of My Dog Bowl.


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