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Kosher Dog- Ali

I would like to submit this photo of my pup Ali for your Kosher Dog section. I am technically fostering her but she has become like family. Her name Ali was given in honor of the famous peaceful boxer. She is thought to be part pit bull and part boxer but she refuses to give me the details. Ali was found wandering the streets of Mexico with a few other lone four-legged souls like herself. When she was rescued she was quite sickly with an awful infection and what appeared to be a broken jaw that had set funny on its own, causing her mouth to be a little off center. I will spare you the whole Megillah of her background, but she has a true heart of gold and you wouldn’t know by her outlook on life that she ever had a bad day. Here she is in her Queen Esther costume getting ready for the last month’s festivities of the Purim holiday. Chag Sameach!
— Vicki Karlan


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