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1116largerbennykidThe L.A. Family of Larger Than Life works to bring a healthy, normalizing atmosphere to the more than 1,200 children who are diagnosed with cancer each year in Israel. These kids face a life-threatening illness during their early years, or at the time of their important transition to adulthood.  The organization devotes significant resources to assisting the recovery and welfare of children who are battling cancer in Israel each year. The group also creates activity programs for children undergoing treatment, actively works for the improvement of hospitals housing these children, assists families affected by child cancer, and provides financial support to cover services, medication and treatments that would otherwise be impossible

This is the 13th year that a group of Israeli children battling cancer—of all religions, races, and ethnic background travel to LA for a vacation of fun and adventure. This spirit-lifting two-week trip takes these brave kids around the city of LA, stopping at Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, partying on a yacht in Marina Del Rey, visiting Venice Beach and even a flight over LA in a helicopter.

Benny Mor and Lilach Vrobel host an annual dinner in the O.C.. The event brings the O.C. community together to celebrate these brave kids. This year, Lilach Vrobel was able to get her son’s bar mitzva vendors to spice up the party. Miss Darcy Photography created a fun sports themed photo booth and Laurel Weissman from Licious designed a beautiful candy buffet.  At the end of the dinner, the kids got fun filled goodie bags donated by members of the Jewish community. In the goodie bags there were pom pom toys, Lakers bags and flip flops, sunglasses, Beats headphones and much more. For more information please visit www.largerthanlifela.com.

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