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Letters to the Editor

As we know, the various Jewish movements take their responsibilities very seriously.
Presently, the Conservative Movement, including the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ) and United Synagogue Youth (USY) are responding in meaningful ways to allegations of sexual abuse in USY, synagogue and related youth settings. Such acts have obviously caused trauma, especially for those who suffered abuse. In response, USCJ/USY have hired Sarah Worley of Sarah E. Worley Conflict Resolutions, http://worleyconflictresolution.com, to listen to the accounts of those who were abused in the Conservative Movement and those who have direct knowledge about abuse. I met with Sarah Worley and find her to be both professional and highly knowledgeable.
To reach Ms. Worley, please phone 617-419-1900 or email sarah@worleyconflictresolution.com.
Sarah Worley will be issuing a comprehensive report to the USCJ/USY on the information she receives and will be making recommendations to USCJ/ USY regarding the protecting of youth in the future.
As you may also know, USCJ/USY has instituted ongoing training, safety protocols and additional background checks and they have engaged the Center for Hope, an independent organization, to review their policies to ensure the use of best practices. In short, USCJ/USY are inviting the recommendations of Sarah Worley and the Center for Hope to avoid further traumatic incidents in the future.
Best Wishes to All,
Pam Frydman, Rabbi

Irvine is Jewishly important as the site of the largest Jewish population and central institutions. Pakistani-Ameican Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan (what an evocative name)! So it is important to all OC Jews.
Khan has proven that she is not the mayor of all people by attending a pro- Palestinian rally while avoiding a pro-Israel one. She clearly should have attended both or neither. This is an assault on Jewish self respect that should matter to all of us.
Collaboration with politically correct anti-Semites is both unhealthy and unwise, but it’s a real challenge for too many Jews.
Khan has also recently made bigoted remarks against Armenians. We can expect Armenians to act rationally and with self respect about Khan. Will Jews?? — J.P. Benjamin

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