1_STICKY_FEATUR_MORTENSENA group of students at Whittier Law School wanted to do things a bit differently after they graduated. They noticed that many young lawyers who became solo practitioners worked on an array of disparate legal areas, never truly having the ability to specialize or hone their skills on any one particular form of law. They decided to create a new type of professional law corporation. Something in line with their vision of zealous advocacy, top quality service and niche specialization.

Enter Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC a professional law corporation based here in Orange County with the foundational ethos of personal attention and responsiveness to set them apart from their competition.

Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC is focused solely on estate planning, trust and probate law. Priding themselves on their specialization, responsiveness, and targeted on the Orange County community, the law corporation adds a personal touch to their exceptional legal services.

As a result of being established in Orange County, Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC is well known within the courts, with judicial officers, and the local legal community. Their lawyers are often requested to serve on panels and speak at seminars as they have built a strong local reputation in their practice. The importance of experience cannot be overstated, as generally trust and probate litigation cases can become emotionally complex and assisting individuals with the crafting of their estate plans is an extremely personal endeavor.

In one case, the child of a ninety-four year old woman was found to have been slowly stealing her assets. When the case was brought before the lawyers at Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC they were able to swiftly come to her aid, winning the case and securing her funds. Another case involved the assets of children from a first marriage, who were denied their rightful inheritance after their father passed away. Again, Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC was able to navigate the situation and return the rightful money to the children – even while some of the beneficiaries lived overseas.

Understandably, dealing with estate planning often involves working with an intergenerational approach. Property passes from one generation to the next, wills need to be understood and probated, and knowledge of the entire family, not just the parents, is crucial when working in the trust and probate practice area.

“It is in this light that the Jewish community is very similar to our ethos at Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC”, Mr. Price, the President of Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC, told me via a telephone interview. “The Jewish community tends to be very rooted and community minded, often having multiple generations living in the same city. Having two or three generations living in the same city, while rare in the general public, is commonplace within the Jewish community.”

In a similar vein, the attorneys at Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC have noted that cases dealing with inheritance and property can often lead to complex and even difficult negotiations among family members. The majority of the American Jewish community arrived as immigrants sometime during the 20th century. Whether it is a piece of family Judaica, artifacts from their hometown, or simply objects belonging to one’s grandparents, the Jewish community has strong family bonds and is historically minded. It is with this knowledge and nuance that the lawyers at Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC handle every single case, for both our own Jewish community, along with the diverse array of other communities that exist throughout Orange County.
Talking to the lawyers at the corporation I was able to get a strong sense of the work ethic, ethos, community focus, and knowledge that comprises the team. The synthesis of quality and commitment to the Orange County community is one that allows Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC to stand out from their peers.

DANIEL LEVINE is a contributing writer to Jlife magazine.

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