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New Year’s: In the “Thick” of It

Now, this may sound too risqué for a Jewish family magazine, but I have had something rock-hard between my legs almost everyday for three months now that has made me find my happy place.  Yep, that is absolutely correct, a bicycle seat!  I have been spinning at Full Psycle in Costa Mesa as much as I possibly can.  Riding a bike indoors in the dark with loud music and an added component of competition has really made me change my mind about how I view myself, my ability and my habits.  Yes, it’s the secular time for self-reflection.
It’s New Year’s time, and those latkes are like your best friend; they have no intention of leaving your side.  Sure, we all make new resolutions, and many of us have the same ones year after year, hoping that this year might actually be the one that we accomplish our goals.  I have been the culprit of these unfulfilled promises and unhealthy behaviors.  However, in 2013, The New York Times came out with an article entitled, “American Jews Lead the Happiest Lives.”  One of the major factors in the Jewish American community’s happiness was health!
It occurred to me that as young Jewish professionals, our routine is eat, work, eat, work, eat, sleep and repeat the next day.  The most activity I was seeing was clicking away on JDate or walking from one philanthropy event to another.  It is hard to shake off all the brisket and jelly-filled doughnuts from Chanukah without a little movement.  It also dawned on me that I have had a gym pass for years and clearly haven’t utilized its potential.  I hadn’t schvitzed in a long time.
Other Jewish professionals have experienced the same highs that I have at Full Psycle.  Some of these people have joined Cross Fit, and it has become the peanut butter to their jelly.  Others owe their lack of Jewish tushie to personal trainers, the gym at the JCC and boot camps that have empowered the young Jewish professionals of OC.
Wall Street Journal, NPR, and The New Yorker can be heard while running on the treadmill or walking your favorite pup.  All of this movement can, and will, work if you find enjoyment in the activity.  So easily we lose sight as to what our goals and achievements are, but these goals ultimately are what make us happy.  Why can’t we be happy on the path to greatness?  It is possible to find our personal “happy” workout, something that makes us sweat and smile.
So why is this concept something that has taken me 31 years to figure out?  I think it is because my resolution is always viewed as a chore and not to indulge and enjoy something.  I did not realize that there is a science behind success.  (In the case of healthy living, it’s not the mathematical equation of removing all of those calories we collect at a Shabbat meal.)  The missing part of the equation is to have fun and enjoy whatever we do!
If you would like to join Rachel Schiff at Full Psycle in Costa Mesa, feel free to do so at www.fullpsycle.com. Your first class is free!

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