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“Unmatched: An Orthodox Jewish Woman’s Mystifying Journey to Find
Marriage and Meaning” 

    Jewish memoirs from Orthodox publishers tend to gloss over reality, while other memoirs follow the “unorthodox” trend. In “Unmatched: An Orthodox Jewish Woman’s Mystifying Journey to Find Marriage and Meaning” Sarah Lavane manages to stay on the tightrope of writing a raw and honest work that inspires.
    She puts a human face on the challenges of being “unmatched” in a “matched” Orthodox world. We learn how her background shaped her relationships from a young age. She then delves into the ups and downs of dating, the tug-of-war she feels between men she may date and those who are off-limits, her heartfelt attempts to change her fate and her poignant struggles with G-d through it all.
    “Religious singles have difficulty reconciling their desire to observe jewish law with their need to feel human. I wanted to bring it up in a modest way and still appeal to the broadest audience. I was afraid those more strict would question my behavior and those more lenient would wonder what the big deal was. I think the fact that I touched upon it at all, is one of the reasons this book has garnered such strong reactions,” Lavane says.
    “I’ve been asked what message my book conveys. Different readers will find different messages because I cover so many themes. For some, it may be about what mistakes not to make. For others it may be messages of empathy, forgiveness, resilience, faith, validation or whatever else speaks to them.”Lavane continues, “But messages aside, sometimes readers just want a good, absorbing story to get lost in. One that hooks them and doesn’t let go. Many readers have commented that they could not put it down, stayed up all night, or that their spouse stole it from them. It was thrilling to hear that.”
    For reviews, excerpts and info please visit unmatchedstory.com. 



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