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News & Jews- Simchat Shabbat

    Simchat Shabbat is a Jewish Organization that began 12 years ago. It supports the Orange County Jewish community and 100% of the proceeds go to families in need.
     The organization assists local Jewish families in need on a weekly basis by providing them with kosher food to enable them to make a Shabbat meal plus enjoy the food the entire week.
    It supports 30 Jewish families a week and helps the families without making them feel needy. The boxes are delivered with utter discretion. There are 25 volunteers that help with the packing of the boxes as well as delivering the food. The program takes place every Thursday morning come rain or sunshine.
    During non-covid times it supplied Shabbat in a Box to Jewish patients who could not get home for Shabbat. It supplied at least 50 boxes a week. What a difference that made to these patients.
    The organization was originally started to help fill the need out there amongst our Jewish community. You see the pain and hurt that these families are in, and Simchat Shabbat made this a priority.
    For more information, please refer to the website www.simchatshabbat.org.

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