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News & Jews- Why was this seder different from all other Seders?

By Oren Hertz (12 years old)

    This year, my family and I celebrated a third Seder at Woodbridge Terrace where my grandfather lives. It was an experience because not only have I never celebrated a third Seder, it was special to be together with my grandfather and his friends. When my grandfather first moved to Woodbridge after living with us, I wasn’t sure that I would get to celebrate holidays like Passover with him. This year, Woodbridge Terrace hosting a really nice Seder with everything from matzo ball soup to chicken and dessert. We all came together as one big extended family. My grandfather and his friends at Woodbridge invited their families so that we could all be together, and it felt like we were at home. My friends and I had so much fun helping lead the Seder and learned so much as we had Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews together. My favorite part was hitting my grandfather with an onion during Dayenu. Don’t worry, I didn’t hit him too hard.


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